Monday, May 28, 2018

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Lumber comes in a variety of species (SYP, DF, Hardwood, ETC) and preservative treatments (CCA, ACZA, MCA, MCQ, Penta, Creosote, ETC). Understanding the grades and treatments can make all the difference when it comes time to build. The professional staff at Art Thureson Inc. can help you interpret the specifications and purchase exactly what you need.

We specialize in hard  to find sizes and species. In addition to our wide selection of lumber, we can offer galvanized steel connections, fasteners, and nuts and bolts. We offer fabrication serices such as: holes, daps, cuts, split & shear plate grooves, ETC.  To learn more, simply call (248) 623-8599 fax 8766. We will be happy to serve you when it comes to lumber.

Hennepin County, MN
Golden Valley Boardwalk #3
60' long 12x12 
Doug fir lumber, S4S, untreated
Constructed by Leudtke Engineering
Timber Intake Crib 2
ACZA Treated Douglas Fir Lumber
Muskingam Lock #2 Ohio 010
Erected by  Nashville Construction
Shiawassee Deck 003
DF Wear Plank
DF Wear Plank
ACZA Treated Douglas Fir Lumber
Field assembly
Lock #2 063
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