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Timber Bridges

Naturally beautiful timber; one of the oldest known building materials and only renewable resource, is still one of the best.

It's tough to beat the durability of properly treated wood. It won't crack or crumble like many other materials... and can't be damaged by continuous freezing and thawing. Salt won't pit it, water won't rust it; and it's simply not affected by temperature, alkali soils or acids. Today's strong, economical, and versatile timber glulams can last a lifetime when properly pressure treated and maintained.

Standard design configurations for HS-20 loading with spans ranging from 16' to 80' are available for single and multi-lane bridges. Larger spans are possible with truss or deck arch bridge designs. Longitudinal timber glulam deck designs offer low profile structures which are typically used for short spans ranging from 16' to 32' where clearance below deck is limited. Designs consist of timber deck panels spanning from abutment to abutment. Timber glulam stiffener beams are used to tie panels together and to distribute wheel loads.

Stringer & Transverse deck systems utilize a series of transverse timber glulam deck panels or solid sawn timbers supported glulam stringers. This system is most economical for clear spans ranging from 20' to 80'. Designs are in accordance with AASHTO specifications. We can also offer a variety of Pedestrian and Light Vehicular timber glulam bridges, which are ideal for golf courses, parks, greenway trails, bike trails, planned developments, private residences, and municipalities.



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Ford Field Bridge Dearborn, MI
Erected by Faust Corp
Under Construction
Bottom of deck
Bottom of deck
Erected by 3G Construction
South Gale Rd 02
East Twin Creek Bridge
East Twin Creek Bridge
Erected by Corr Construction
Hermosa, SD
#2 Palmer Creek Bridge
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